Wild Monstera hunting in Foshan, South China.

Took a trip to the local lake this afternoon. The lake is called 千灯湖 (Lake of a Thousand Lamps). The lake itself is huge, with many smaller ponds and rivers connected to it.

Along the walk, it didn’t take long before I spotted my favourite plant, the Monstera. In Chinese this plant is called 龟背竹 (Turtle Back Plant).

Look at the size of the thing! It has completely taken over this riverbank, and is growing like a bush. Hot, humid and with bright light filtered by the trees above give the plant perfect growing conditions. You can see the sacrificial top leaves are getting sunburnt, but creating more shade for the leaves below.

This one was doing even better than the first plant as it is more shaded by the tree canopy above.

Take note of how this Monstera has crawled over the rocks before using its aerial roots to latch onto the tree. I’m sure it won’t be long before this Monstera reaches the top.

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