I've been living in China for nearly eight years now, and a discussion that regularly comes up is about VPNs. Which is the best one for here in Guangzhou?


I've used various VPNs over the years, none of which satisfied my needs. They would work for a bit, before being either shut down, or would run incredibly slow.

这些年来我一直在用various VPNs,没有一个能满足我的要求,他们在一开始的时候可以用一下子,过后就会非常慢。


I finally hit the jackpot when my friend introduced me to PandaPow. I switched off my current VPN, signed up to PandaPow and BAM! It flew. Youtube loaded instantly, as did Facebook, Twitter, etc. I can't recommend this VPN enough, to be honest. The ability to quickly switch between countries ensures you always get great speeds and reliable connections, be it on your phone or your computer.



You can connect up to four devices at a time on the same connection. So I'm connected on my laptop, phone, and iPad at home, and my office computer at work, all at the same time, with no worries about accidentally leaving one connected.


PandaPow provides an App for both computers as well as phones, so choosing your server and connecting is as quick as two touches. Mine usually connects in two seconds.

PandaPow 为电脑和手机提供了一个应用程序,因此选择你的服务器到链接上就像你按这两下按键一样那么快,我的一般情况下两秒就连接上了。

If you want to try PandaPow, it is available here: PandaPow