It’s been 2 months since I started the school garden project here in Foshan.

Here’s the August post in case you missed it.

Since then, the Ruellia flowers planted in the beds around the center circle have come into bloom:

We also have a new trellis/planter combo on wheels, as you can see at the back of the photo above. Not sure what we will grow here yet, so for now it is serving as a potting station.

Unfortunately the soil that was expected for the circle garden came full of debris and plastic, so we are waiting on a fresh delivery of good quality gardening soil. Hopefully that happens next week.

The children from my class and the children from my weekly after school gardening club have been working hard on creating these ‘forest spirits’ that we’ve hung in the trees surrounding our garden. The idea was that they will watch over our plants and keep them safe for us. We’ve planted pothos and syngonium that we propagated from other plants found growing around the school. Hopefully they do well enough to climb out of their bottles and up the trees. This idea stemmed from a vertical garden that we’ve been making outside our classroom, which is an attempt to kick-start recycling in the school.

I’ve sneaked in a couple of my favourite plants here. I rescued some drowning Monstera Deliciosa from a patch of wasteland, and have replanted them at the bottom of these trees. It’s my hope that they will latch onto the bark and climb up. The surrounding flowers should provide them with enough shade, and they seem to be doing well enough so far. Watch this space.

Today also saw the delivery of around ten or so variants of Coleus or 彩叶草 (colourful leaf grass) as it is known here. The children couldn’t decide which was the best colour, so we ended up buying them all! I’m sure it will be a trippy effect when they’re all planted in the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully the next update will feature the climbing Monstera, and a flowerbed ablaze with colour. I’ll check back in here in a month or so.

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