Grandma’s Hometown

Grandma Yao turned 95 this week, so we ventured out to her village to celebrate with her.

Despite her grand age, she still grows her own fruit and vegetables in a small plot of land next to her house.

Peanuts, beans, sweet potato and Papaya trees.

Alocasia and Colocasia are both plants of the Araceae family. Both have huge leaves and both tend to be referred to as Elephant Ears.

Colocasia is smaller, and here in the village, they grow Colocasia Esculenta (Taro) right alongside the larger, inedible Alocasia pictured above. These bigger leaved plants can tolerate direct sun, and provide much needed shade for their smaller counterparts. Here in South China, the two plants are differentiated by 假芋头 (False Taro) and 真芋头 (True Taro)

We are also growing Alocasia in our School Garden, the regular wild Alocasia alongside the imported Alocasia Gigantea or ‘Thailand Giant’. I’ve planted another Alocasia below these, Alocasia Amazonica ‘African Face Mask’. The plan is that the Thai Giants will grow to cover the path and give the nature trail a jungle vibe for the children walking underneath. We’ll see!

Dinner was in a restaurant on a lake, where they keep ducks and fish within catching distance of the kitchen.

Spotted a few of these water snakes catching the smaller fish from the lake.

GuangJoe out!

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