As I dusted off this old and neglected blog, I realised I haven’t updated anything about the garden since April of last year!

Since then, the fully-grown coleus flowers were uprooted by my Year 3 class and sold for charity. This was entirely their own idea, and was actually planned prior to even planting the flowers; action fully deserving of its own seperate post, which is long overdue.

The garden is now in the care of a brand new Year 3, this time two classes as the school has grown. Look how much more established the garden looks when comparing the images above. The nasturtiums were grown from seeds we collected last year, mixed with some variegated varieties.

As the school has been closed for a number of weeks due to Covid-19, the garden has been left to run wild. The nasturtiums have spread from one flowerbed into the next, and are spilling out over the sides at a rapid rate with the rising temperatures and rain over the last month.

About two weeks after flowering, the seeds suddenly appeared. I will collect these on my students’ behalf, dry them and store them for next year. I will do this by spreading them out in a bowl and leaving them in a dark, dry area until they are brown. I’ll then store them in a sealed jam jar along with a silica gel pack to absorb any remaining moisture.

I have been a bit disappointed with the growth rate of the monstera deliciosa, especially when I see huge, towering plants on Instagram in people’s homes. I expected mine to be climbing up the trees and posts I erected, given our subtropical climate and humidity levels. I imagine houseplans come from cuttings of much more mature and established plants?

Monstera Deliciosa ‘Thai Constellation’
This leaf is about a week old, and the first to have multiple fenestrations – a sign that it might be about to enjoy a real growth spurt?
The first of many archways. The start of an attempt to create a ‘jungle walkway’

The papaya trees have shot up in size, from saplings to established trees. Not long to go until we will see the first fruits.

Papaya tree, April 2019
The same plant, March 2020!

I will try to update this blog more often – though it is great to see how much has changed in the space of a year! Look how far we have come in just two years…

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