All aboard! Hop on, Hop off bus in Guangzhou

I had the pleasure of having my family come to Guangzhou for a visit. I took them around the city via Di Di Da Che and taxis at first, but it was getting annoying as there was just one too many of us to fit in one car.

Then I remembered seeing the new tourist busses going around the city. So we tried it out.

They’re just like the ones you see in London/Edinburgh etc, and they are multilingual. The biggest difference has to be the price. Where you would spend upwards of £8 a person back in the U.K, a 24 hour ticket for the Guangzhou busses will set you back just 30RMB!

The routes they provide pretty much cover everything touristy you’d want to see. The audio wasn’t that bad either – quite informative – though I recall most of the details revolved around the height of buildings and how these compared to other buildings around the world. The ride in between stops is really long, but again, it saves on the hassle of taxis if you have a big group and want to see all of the sights in two days.

Chen clan academy was one of the highlights, and my family enjoyed Shamin island with its colonial history and European architecture. (Also Kafelaku or 猫屎咖啡 – ‘Cat Shit Coffee) was a nice spot for a rest.

Our buses were pretty much deserted. As a mainly industrial city, Guangzhou isn’t exactly known for its tourism, but there is a lot to see if you’re here for a couple of days.

You buy your tickets on the bus – and they last for 24 hours, so you’re good for two days.

Bus stops are all over the city – check the bus stop lists in the above photos for your nearest stop.

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