Huadiwan Pet Market Is No More

Asia's biggest pet market has shut down

Duration: A few hours if on the metro from downtown GZ.
Location: Huadiwan, China
I’ve lost track of how many times I must have visited this spot in Guangzhou. It is a truly strange place, serving as a free zoo for many, PETA’s hell, or a heaven on earth for aquarium enthusiasts.
I have blogged about this place before, as well as making a couple of YouTube videos over the years, which can be seen here (2016 and my pre-gimbal days) and here (2017 -smoother video, actually edited!)
I was actually planning on heading out there this week to shoot a new video. We hopped in the car, quickly Binged the address, only to find out the news that this place was a casualty of the Covid-19 outbreak. Between a mixture of strict sanctions on the sale of wildlife as well as strict social-distancing measures. many of the independent fish merchants were forced to shut down, to the extend that whole areas have been bulldozed.
I can’t begin to imagine the efforts it must have taken to move the hundreds of mature planted display tanks, or the shop with a huge tank of sharks. Yes, sharks.
Apparently some sellers have moved to a new location, which I will be checking out in due course. Expect a new YouTube video as well as blog post in the near future.

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